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More than a journey, a moment to share. With the Tiguan Allspace, give life to your conversations and create family stories that bring you together. For that nothing more simple, go on board and enjoy!

Tiguan Allspace trims
Discover / Enquire: Tiguan Allspace range below.

  • Tiguan Allspace 132TSI Comfortline 7-Speed DSG
    2.0 litre TSI, 132 kW, 7-Speed DSG, Petrol
  • Tiguan Allspace 162TSI Highline 7-Speed DSG
    2.0 litre TSI, 162 kW, 7-Speed DSG, Petrol
  • Tiguan Allspace 110TSI Comfortline 6-Speed DSG
    1.4 litre TSI, 110 kW, 6-Speed DSG, Petrol
Spacious design meets class-leading technology
From the huge amount of space to class-leading technology, the Tiguan Allspace has it all. Watch the video above and find out what sets this SUV apart from the competition.
  • Spacious design
    Spacious design
    A new sense of space

    The new Tiguan Allspace: with even more space and room for up to 7 people, the Tiguan is bigger and better than ever before. Thanks to its superior handling characteristics and advanced safety and technology systems, the all new Tiguan Allspace not only takes you off on new adventures, it is an adventure in itself.

  • Panoramic tilt/slide sunroof
    Panoramic tilt/slide sunroof
    Let the light in

    The generous dimensions of the optional panoramic tilt/slide sunroof provide a pleasant lighting atmosphere and a clear view of the sky. The front glass element can be opened, raised and lowered electrically. And if ever the stars or city lights are not bright enough, you can bathe the interior in pleasant subdued light.

  • Ambient lighting
    Ambient lighting
    Set the mood

    So much more to discover. At night-time too. Ambient lighting creates mood and atmosphere in the interior and is available on request. Embedded LED lights emphasise individual elements such as door handles, decorative inlays and door sill trims as well as the foot well. The brightness can be continuously adjusted up or down to suit your needs via the central display.

  • Active Info Display
    Active Info Display
    Instant information

    Rev counter, speedometer, odometer – the optional Active Info Display provides this data and much more besides at a glance. And best of all: you can put the focus on the information that is most important to you at any given moment.

  • Head-up Display
    Head-up Display
    Extra eyes on the road

    Always informed, never distracted: at the touch of a button, the optional “head-up display” extends from the dashboard and places important information such as speed, navigation data and traffic signs directly in the driver’s field of vision.

Innovative Technology
  • Active Info Display
    Active Info Display
    An interactive experience

    Active Info Display turns your dashboard into an interactive experience. The Active Info screen allows you to customise the display from infotainment to navigation or driver assistance systems.

  • The Head-up Display
    The Head-up Display
    Keep your eyes on the road

    The Head-up Display allows you to keep your eyes on the road by projecting relevant trip data conveniently in the driver’s field of vision. Speed, traffic signs, assistance systems and other functions are displayed clearly and accurately.

R – Line
  • R-Line Package
    R-Line Package
    Light font title exterior

    Available on the Comfortline and Highline, the sporty body-coloured rear spoiler, bumper and sill extension in ‘R’ styling, that put it firmly at the top of the pile. The entire look is perfected with 19” Sebring alloys on the Comfortline and 20” Suzuka alloys on the Highline.

Comfort You are always comfortable.
On board the Tiguan Allspace, you feel at home, even on roads you’ve never seen before. It must be said that with its spacious and comfortable interior and its many driving assistance systems, the Tiguan Allspace does everything to put you at ease
  • Space availability
    Space availability
    Seven seats en route to your destination

    Is space the new luxury? Then the Tiguan Allspace is a true luxury vehicle. Thanks to the optional third row of seating, it carries up to seven people1 and has a luggage compartment volume of up to 1,920 litres.2 An especially handy feature: in a single motion, you can fold down the outer seats on the third and second rows of seating to make space for long objects – without having to put them down.

    * Maximum height for passengers in the third seating row: 1.60 m
    ** May differ depending on equipment and motor-gear combination

  • Easy Open
    Easy Open
    Easy to open. Easy to close. Nice and easy

    A classic: You’re in front of the luggage compartment with lots of baggage and don’t have a free hand to open it. With the optional ‘Easy Open’ feature, you can do it with your foot: a small motion beneath the rear of the vehicle – and the luggage compartment opens. It’s just as easy to close by pressing the button on the boot lid. Just as impressive: the luggage compartment itself, which has a volume of up to 1,920 litres thanks to its smart concept.1

    1 May differ depending on equipment and motor-gear combination

  • DYNAUDIO Excite Surround 
    DYNAUDIO Excite Surround 
    Surrounded by sound

    Powerful bass. Crystal-clear treble. The best sound at every seat.
    With the optional DYNAUDIO Excite Surround sound system from Danish hi-fi specialists Dynaudio, every journey feels like your own private concert.

    Eight perfectly positioned and coordinated speakers
    One central speaker
    One subwoofer
    Digital 16-channel amplifier with up to 400 Watt total output

  • ‘ergoActive’ seat 
    ‘ergoActive’ seat 
    When you’ve got your own back

    Sit down and feel good. Our optional ergoActive sports seat makes it that simple. Thanks to its 14-way setting, you can easily adapt it electrically to your physique. This relieves the strain on your back, ensuring the most comfortable seat and the most relaxation.

    Integrated seat heating
    Lumbar support
    Memory function stores multiple seat settings
    Given an award by the German campaign for healthier backs

Driver assistance
For us, helping you drive daily is not enough. What we prefer is to invent technologies that can lead to your place. (Driver assistance technologies do not exempt the driver from being alert.)
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
    Adaptive Cruise Control
    Innovative technology

    Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) can be added to the Tiguan as another innovative piece of technology. When ACC is activated, the vehicle automatically brakes and accelerates in a speed range set by the driver. If another vehicle approaches, the ACC brakes the car to the same speed and maintains the pre-selected distance.

  • Area View 
    Area View 
    For an all-around view

    Coming out of a parking space in the busy town centre, manoeuvring in impassable terrain, attaching a trailer: there are many situations where a driver might need an extra pair of eyes. With the optional Area View, you’ve found them: four cameras monitor the area around the vehicle and supply useful views on the infotainment system screen. Almost like magic: coupling all the cameras helps the system create a bird’s eye view – and you’ve got the full view from above, of the car and its surroundings1.

    1 Within the system’s limitations

  • Park Assist 
    Park Assist 
    Park with ease

    The Tiguan Allspace with the optional Park Assist system not only tells you whether a parking space is large enough as you drive past it – it will also park for you1. You operate the clutch, accelerator and brake. It does the rest.

    Sensors scan suitable parking spaces (at up to 40 km/h)
    Parallel parking spaces must be at least as long as the vehicle plus 80 cm for the system to park in them and must have at least 25 cm in front of and behind the vehicle for the system to manoeuvre out of the space
    Parking bays must have at least 35 cm space on each side
    1 Process can be deactivated at any time

Genuine Accessories Make it yours.
Personalise your Tiguan Allspace with our range of Volkswagen genuine accessories.

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